✿Pre-wedding✿ Love is always open arms

Hello everyone we have a new series of photos to show you again!

This time we went to a new shooting place again. The shooting locations were chosen by customers every time. For this location, our customer emphasized many times that they really wanted it even we gave up some other locations finally. Of course it is very important for us to try our best to fulfil customer’s requirement. Photo is a very good tool to record the precious moment. For no regret in the future, it is better to get what you like at that moment!

Again, the shooting was happy and enjoyable. Our photographer said he saw love between the couple, that’s so sweet ★´∀`★. Before the shooting, the couple worried they might not fulfil our requirement because they are not as slim as others. But we just told them don’t worry of it, the most important thing is they enjoy the shooting and have fun, that’s enough. Maybe some companies set a lot selection restriction when they offer free or discount shooting service. However, we don’t care of it because we believe everyone have their unique point. We don’t need clone and you too. We trust the photos will be good just when u enjoy it and love the way you are 🙂

Ok let’s see the photos that we took on that day! Hope you like it too ^^

今次拍攝過程都好輕鬆快樂,攝影師都好enjoy,因為佢話係呢對準新人對望時佢睇到愛  ★´∀`★ 其實影相前客人都有少少擔心佢地唔係超級瘦削身型,驚做唔到我地嘅要求。不過我地都同佢地講,其實影相最緊要過程開心,只要佢地enjoy就得。可能有啲公司對於提供免費或者優惠拍攝嘅對象有好多外形上嘅篩選條件,但係我地就真係無,我地所有情侶都係好隨機咁揀出嚟。我地相信每個人都有佢嘅獨特之處,呢個世界唔需要複製人,唔需要活係其他人嘅標準之下。只要影得開心同有愛,影出嚟嘅相就會靚㗎啦!

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