Testing Testing 試影日

The bad weather already lasts one week in HK. Hope the weather will be good so that we can take good photos with the following couples!☀️

Max and Sea went to discover a new photo shooting location last week. At first we planned to go to the New Territory but finally we changed to go to a closer place because Max was sick. Can you guess where is it? We will tell you at the end of this post ^_^

On that day we mainly plained to check the view and test some shooting points. We also took some photos for decorating our website 💐.

Sea is not a professional model so she doesn’t know how to do good pose. So, what she knows to do is moving, moving and moving XD. However, since Max has experience in event and sport photo shooting, and maybe he is already habit of Sea’s uncontrollable moving, he is good at taking this kind of natural photos. Ok, let’s see part of the photos that we took on that day!


話說早前Max同Sea又去咗視察佢地未去過嘅新地方。本來想去新界的不過Max病咗咁就改去一個近近地嘅地方啦。唔知大家有無去過呢個地方呢?呢篇blog最後會開估 ^_^


因為唔係專業model唔識擺pose,所以Sea最叻就係亂咁行亂咁郁亂咁fing XD。不過因為Max以前影開event,佢亦都影過運動比賽,而且可能已經習慣咗Sea嗰種無時停嘅活動模式,所以佢有時影呢啲相仲會自然啲靚啲添哈哈~ 好啦唔講咁多,睇下當日影嘅部分相啦!


This picture was taken when Sea was back after checking the shotting point. Sea thought Max was still testing the flash and they were far. Really didn’t notice Max took a good natural picture at that moment hahaha.



Need to put well the dress first ~ OK pose!


Work hard to do different poses 💃🏻



Any one knows where is this place? It is Lok Fu Service Reservoir Garden 🙂

睇完啲相有無人知呢到係邊到呢?佢就係樂富配水庫休憩花園啦 :)


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