✿Pre-wedding✿ My little sunshine

À La Française did a free pre-wedding recruitment before. We are happy that we receive quite a lot feedback and thank you for all who are interested in our project! However, since there are limited quotas, we are sorry that we can’t provide the free service to all couples. After we select the couples, we start the photo shooting process. Today we are here to post some photos that we took for the first couple! (*´∀`)~♥

The weather of Spring is always unstable. We changed the photo shooting day once for this couple. Luckily we succeeded to take photos for the 2nd time. At first the observatory announced it would rain on that day (observatory is not worth to trust (´・_・`) ). However, finally it didn’t rain and at last we were lucky to see a little sun.。:.゚ヽ(*´∀`)ノ゚.:。  

Our photographer was sick on that day. But this couple was very nice. They allowed us to take breaks when our photographer felt unwell. We are happy to meet nice people. No matter how hard it is, we will always do our best to take beautiful pictures!

Ok, let’s see some of the pictures that we took on that day. Do you know where is this location? We will tell you at the end of this post 🙂


À La Française之前進行咗拍攝招募,反應都唔錯,多謝有聯絡過我地嘅咁多位。可惜名額有限,唔能夠為所有人做晒,真係唔好意思。招募完結後我地就緊接住開始拍攝,今日終於可以post第1pair情侶嘅相啦! (*´∀`)~♥
春天落雨濕濕,天氣非常唔穩定。呢次拍攝就因為落大雨而改過一次期,不過好彩第2次終於可以影到。本來天文台都話有雨(天文台真係唔係好可信(´・_・`)  ),不過最後都無落,而且到後期好好彩仲有少少陽光添 。:.゚ヽ(*´∀`)ノ゚.:。
好啦唔講咁多,去相先! BTW,今次大家又估下我地去咗邊到影? 答案會係本post最後開估 🙂



After checking all photos, do you know where is it? Yes, it is Tai Po Waterfront Park 🙂

睇完啲相應該唔難估,無錯,呢到就係大埔海濱公園啦 🙂

One thought on “✿Pre-wedding✿ My little sunshine

  1. Très bon shooting! Il y a beaucoup de clichés que j’adore, il y a de l’amour, de l’humour, de la poésie et de la jeunesse: très bon travail!
    Very good shooting, ! there are many photographs that i love, there is love,humor, poetry and youth : great job
    I think i’m going call this photographer for an important event. Congratulation


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