✿Pre-wedding✿ Sing a love song

Hope you guys doing well! Sorry that we are too busy so we can just update the pre-wedding photos of the 2nd couple today. A La francaise crew members are so hurry to share the work with you (∀≦).
We changed a few times for the shooting place because the weather at that period of time was really unstable. Finally the weather of the shooting day was so so too but luckily it didn’t rain. Otherwise, all will be a mess hahah.
Despite of the bad weather, the shooting was very good and smooth on that day. The couple performed very well. In fact A La Francaise crew loves to shoot the natural and funny interaction between couple more than set pose. Many people can get the similar effect when they do a beautiful set pose. However, the interaction between lovers is more unique. The lovely smiles and sweet atmosphere are only for yours. We believe this is the lifelong thing that can always touching your heart ❤.
Max told Sea that he guessed it would be difficult for us to choose pictures for this time because he already took pictures that he liked at the beginning. Yes he is right hahaha. Of course it is not possible to post all pictures to here. Below shows part of the photos that we like. We hope you like it too ( ´)
Ok here we play the same game as usual. Let’s guess where is this shooting place? We will tell you the answer at the end of this post ^^
讓大家久等了不好意思! 最近實在太忙了,現在終於有時間把第2對準新人的照片放上來! 其實A La Francaise 團隊也好心急想盡快跟大家分享拍攝成果(∀≦)
除了天氣問題,當天拍攝都很順利,主角們很快便進入狀態,非常棒! 其實比起刻意set好的pose,我們更喜歡主角們自然的互動。美美的或者型仔地chock幾個指定pose絕大部分人都可以做到類似效果,但唯獨是戀人之間的互動是獨一無二的,那時流露出的笑容及氣氛亦是最自然和溫馨。我們相信,有感情的東西永遠都會比刻意營造的東西更動人耐看❤。
攝影師在拍了第一個點便稍稍跟助手說,啊這次應該很難挑照片,因為一開始他便拍到他喜歡的照片了( ´`) 。最後挑照片的時候有很多都很喜歡,不過當然沒可能全部都放上來。以下是A La Francaise 精挑了的部分照片,喜歡大家也喜歡 ( ´)
又來現個指定無獎遊戲,大家猜猜拍攝地點是在哪裡? 答案在文章最後開估 ^^
 I think it’s not difficult to guess the place for this time. Yes, here is Stanley 🙂
今次的地點應該不難猜, 沒錯, 是赤柱哦 🙂



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