✿Pre-wedding✿ Ever after

Hey guys we have just uploaded the pictures of our 3rd shooting couple! ()
That was an amazing and crazy photo shooting day. We experienced cloudy, heavy rain, blue sky and a little back light on the same day (´). We were so afraid we couldn’t do the shooting on that day and we kept checking the weather report for a long time. Although it’s crazy, it’s an interesting experience for us finally. We are very happy to do shooting for this couple as they are so nice and very patient even the weather was bad and Max was still sick on that day. All we could do was to always do our best to take good pictures for this super nice customer!
We like the pictures of this shooting as well. The b2b smiles so sweet (*˘˘*). Below shows part of the pictures that we took on that day, hope you guys enjoy it ^^
Ok let’s play the little game again. Guess where is here? We will tell you at the end of this post ^^.
我地嘅攝影師最近好努力咁執相,第三輯相最終都有得睇啦! ()
話說影相嗰日真係好驚險,影之前已經一路睇住天氣報告,好驚落大雨影唔到。最後我地一日之內經歷咗陰天、暴雨、藍天、極短暫逆光,真係好amazing (´)。影室外相真係好睇天氣做人,但係咁樣都不失為一個有趣嘅經驗。我地都非常開心今次可以為呢對情侶影相,佢地非常之nice,攝影師當日病病地同埋天氣唔好佢地都非常之有耐性等待,遇到咁好嘅客人當然要俾心啲做好佢啦! 
今次輯相都有好多鐘意嘅相,準新娘子笑容非常之sweet sweet (*˘˘*)不過都係嗰句太多相唔可能全部貼晒出o黎我地又精選咗部分相出o黎,即刻俾大家睇下啦!
又o黎估o下今次我地去咗邊到影相? 係文章最後開估 ^^.
We think it’s easy to guess where is here when you see the white church. Yes, here is Discovery Bay ^^.
見到個白教堂應該唔難估,呢到就係愉景灣啦 ^^

One thought on “✿Pre-wedding✿ Ever after

  1. Comme à chaque fois ce shooting est plus que reussi! Bravo! J’adore
    as always this shooting is more than successful ! I just love it!


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