✿Pre-wedding✿ You’re here, there’s nothing I fear.

Hope you guys like our previous photos. Now it’s time to post the photos of our 4th couple (^o^)
We spent certain time to think of the photo shooting location for this couple. That’s because we knew they would take a few sets of pre-wedding photo in Hong Kong. We wanted to give more different styles for them so we didn’t want to go to the few usual shooting places.
In fact our choice is a famous photo shooting place as well, but seems not for pre-wedding. This is because there are some bad points of the place even though it is beautiful. We went to check the place before the shooting. That was a raining day so we saw the worst look of this location. We didn’t want to cause any danger to the customer and there were lots of mosquitoes. Hence, we didn’t recommend the couple to go to some points. However, after discussing, they still really liked this location. Of course finally it’s not a problem for us to take a try as they are really interested in it ( ^^)
It’s very lucky that it didn’t rain on the shooting day. They have a great blue sky to be the background ☼ ☁. Although there was a little accident but luckily everyone is ok. Remember to always take care no matter where you go for the photo shooting!
OK let’s see the beautiful photos that we took on that day. We will tell you where is here at the end of this post ^^!


唔知大家鐘唔鐘意我地之前影過嘅相呢? 話咁快又嚟到第4對準新人嘅相啦 (^o^)
話說為呢pair新人搵拍攝地點嘅時候,A La Francaise 團隊都搞咗少少腦汁同埋花咗啲時間。因為我地知道呢對準新人會係香港其他地方影多幾輯pre-wedding,為咗令佢地嘅相多啲變化唔好嚟嚟去去都係嗰幾個大路地方,所以我地都做咗一陣research。
今次呢個拍攝地點其實都係一個熱門嘅拍攝地方,不過影pre-wedding就似乎少啲,因為嗰到雖然好靚,不過都有唔少缺點。我地係拍攝前去咗視察環境,咁o岩去嗰日係雨天,見證到佢最爛地嘅一刻。同準新娘子分析過之後本來唔建議佢地入去最裡面影,因為嗰期天氣唔穩定,對攝影師嚟講係困難,我地亦都擔心佢地有危險同埋嗰到超多蚊。不過最後佢地都好鐘意呢個地方,所以堅持想去,見佢地咁勇於作新嘗試咁我地當然就ok啦! ( ^^)
最後好好彩拍攝當日天氣非常之好無落過雨,佢地有個好靚嘅藍天做背景 ☼ ☁ 雖然拍攝中間出咗少少意外,不過好彩最後無事。唔理去邊到影相大家都記住要小心呀!
好啦唔講咁多即刻去相! 大家估下係邊到 ^^ 文章最後會開估!


Anyone knows where is here? Here is Lei Yue Mun ^^

睇完相有無人知係邊到呢?呢到就係鯉魚門啦 ^^


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