Retouch Pictures


There is a strong linkage between our lives and photos because many people like to record their special moment with photos. However, usually there is high quality requirement for wedding photos, pre-wedding photos, event photos or promotion photos etc.  If you want to print them out to make big photos, poster, beautiful photo book or share to other people, the photos must be good and without any defect. Otherwise, no matter how much you like the picture, you still can’t use it.

You may not able to hire professional photographer to take photos for every time. Even you do, usually it is very expensive for you to buy all well retouched photos from the photographer. Of course, it takes a lot of time and workload for photo retouch so it can’t be free. But here, we can do a favourite to you to provide a cheap but professional retouch service. Hence, you can fully utilise all the pictures that you like 🤗.

Details of the packages :

Basic Retouche : Tone, Colour, Brightness, Contrast : 

  •  HKD5/Picture
  •  From 50 Pictures: HKD4.5/Picture
  •  From 100 Pictures: HKD4/Picture
  •  Fully paid in advance 

Advance Retouche : Basic Retouche + Bad detail removal + Crop and Perspective correction :

  •  HKD15/Picture
  •  From 25 Pictures: HKD14.5/Picture
  •  From 50 Pictures: HKD13.5/Picture
  •  From 100 Pictures: HKD12/Picture
  •  Fully paid in advance

If you have any query or extra requirement, please don’t hesitate to contact us for more detail and accurate quotation at 




  •  每張相片HKD5
  •  50張相片起: 可減至每張相片HKD4.5
  •  100張相片起: 可減至每張相片HKD4
  •  預付全款以確定訂單


  •  每張相片HKD15
  •  25張相片起: 可減至每張相片HKD14.5
  •  50張相片起: 可減至每張相片HKD13.5
  •  100張相片起: 可減至每張相片HKD12
  •  預付全款以確定訂單